2012 was a big year for the New England startup community. Collectively, our companies raised over $3 billion dollars and saw 68 companies acquired or IPO with combined market values of over $35 billion dollars.

But behind the flashy headlines are the thousands of intrepid individuals who show up early every morning and work late into the night creating the future of innovation in New England. Before any of the glory, these crusaders are all guts.

Recently we asked these incredible companies to spend a moment in the spotlight to document a day-in-the-life and show the rest of the world how we do startups in Boston (watch it). With the help of Cambridge-based directr and their amazing, new point-and-shoot movie app, these startups let us peek inside and see what it looks like to change the very long day at a time.

We hope you enjoy.

Happy Holidays,
New England Venture Capital Association